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TSD - The Steel Detailer

Since day one we have used AutoCAD software for our day to day drafting. We have recently implemented AutoCAD 2008 (Autodesk), which is one of the leading industry standard software packages used across the Pacific and the globe. AutoCAD allows us to easily exchange files with our clients, considerably reducing the time to finish a project.

In conjunction with AutoCAD we use TSD2000 “The Steel Detailer” which is a third party add on software product that works exclusively with AutoCAD, and currently developed by Cad Tech Australia .

TSD is a parametric Structural Steel Detailing software program that allows users to create full 3D Solids Models of structures within AutoCAD that may be shaded and rotated to any view point at any part of the model in full 3D realistic view mode.

As the model is created from a database, all structural elements mat then be processed to produce fully dimensioned assembly, detail and component drawings with material listings and mass calculations.

TSD is a semi automated system that leaves the user in much more control of output presentation and is well recognised as the system that produces detail drawings.

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