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Our Services

Our specialist service is Structural Steel Detailing, to produce CAD workshop detailed drawings for supply and fabrication of structural, mechanical and architectural steelwork and metalwork items.

All CAD drawings are produced in AutoCAD format to relevant Australian Standards and recognised code of practice within the Australasian Engineering industry.

We produce quality drawings from Engineering and Architectural design documents, and supply all relevant documentation comprising, 3D Isometric Views, Holding Down Bolt Plan Details and Layouts, Marking Plan Arrangements, Cast In Plate and Ferrule Layouts, Details of all Structural Steelwork and Plate work, Details of all Fittings or Connections, Purlin and Girt Details, Handrail and Grating Layouts and Details, all Field Bolt Lists and Summaries.

Our experienced drafting staff has many years of solid experience in all types of work, Mining, Industrial and Commercial, and take pride in specialising in the more complex geometry involved in complicated architectural roof structures for stadiums and public high profile corporate centres etc. With all projects we are able to visualize complex details of geometry and connections in order to ensure the faultless erection of the structure. This is made possible by the modelling software we use for our steel shop drawings.
We have a large network of existing clients that regularly comment of the high quality of our work and always offer repeat business. We provide a list of clients with contact details in our Referee Section.


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