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About Us

CADTECH Australia Pty Ltd is a merging of two well known detail drafting firms with a history of close to 30 years in the business.

CAD Tech S.A. Pty Ltd and G & D Drafting Pty Ltd

Our Head Office is located at Ormeau (about 40km South of Brisbane CBD), with our secondary office being located within a couple of kilometres of the Brisbane CBD (Bowen Hills).

Having started with only a small crew of 3 or 4 staff many years ago, Cad Tech S.A. recently increased to a team of 15 staff comprising of draftspersons, checkers and administrators following a merge with Brisbane drafting firm G & D Drafting located at Bowen Hills. We also have trusted external contractors and are able to expand our capacity significantly.

We employ totally state of the art technology, in fact we among the first few in Australia to use computers in this field of work, and claim to have been the very first in Australia to fully model a structure in true 3D space and produce CAD drawings for the Adelaide Tropical Conservatory as far back as 1987.

We use and develop our own Structural Software that is an add on to AutoCAD, and produce drawings that are considered more conventional and of better presentation to those drawings produced by other automated commercially available drafting packages. Our clients listed under Referees continually convey this point to us which allows us to obtain repeat business from them.

We are committed to provide the highest quality detailing at all times. We have a full CAD networked infrastructure and have permanent network access to the internet so that real time business communication can always be achieved via internet broadband access to accommodate your business and delivery requirements where possible.


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